Our core vision is to create an improved everyday life.

We believe that improving the appearance boosts our confidence and makes us feel better.

Very important part is to improve and maintain our health.
Properly selected, our services contribute substantially to the health of the skin and the energy of our body.

In our beauty institute four graduated and qualified beauticians await you, along with the owner Mary Filippaioiu to give you solutions concerning your health and beauty.

Why choose MF DAY SPA:

1. We take part in all the seminars in Greece and abroad and thus bringing the best and most advanced treatments.

2. Our business center is manned with qualified graduated beauticians with over twenty years experience in the field.

3.Why provide personalized treatments so that the results justify your choice.

4. We are in complete cooperation with you and offer you complete solutions with:

  • Better quality
  • Less time
  • Best possible cost

5. Our center is equipped with the latest technology.
6. We collaborate with worldwide leading cosmetics.
7. We focus on providing quality guarantee of safety, hygiene and mainly result.