70,00  from 120,00  | 60'
    What is Microgold Therapy?Microgold uses Microchanneling technology and offers a variety of applications in Aesthetic Medicine. Microgold is the smart device that works as a system for better and faster penetration of active substances into the skin. The micro-needles he uses are thinner than human hair and specially designed to create micro-passages in the skin, in order to transport the mesotherapy materials, without pain and with optimal absorption.What are the benefits of Microgold therapy?Reduces the size of dilated pores with micro-botoxΙmproves skin texture, fine lines and wrinklesImproves the surface scars caused by acneImproves the results of laser treatments, with the help of materials containing growth factors and peptidesReduces pigmented lesions and skin tone in generalImproves hair loss and stretch marks
    30,00  from 40,00  | 15'
    Acquire the desirable tanning with the fastest and safest way. In just 10 minute you will look like you have just returned from holidays having the most natural tropical tanning!The new airbrush and new colors came from Los Angeles and are used by every star for their public appearances. The best accessory you can have for the improvement of your look is to be evenly tanned. This because everyone looks more beautiful when tanned.With the artificial tanning all imperfections are hidden and spider veins disappear. The material used is absolutely safe, nontoxic and produced by sugar cane. With the airbrush tanning you avoid radiation and you do not have side effects. It is a quick procedure with immediate results and the most natural tanning.
    80,00  | 20'
    It is an injectable treatment with immediate effects in the fight against cellulite, local fat and belly slimming as it breaks down adipocytes and increases the number of burns in the area.What is carboxy treatment?It is the introduction of carbon dioxide to rejuvenate the skin, lipolysis and fight cellulite.How does carboxy treatment work?With each breath we take in oxygen and emit carbon dioxide. Our cells are made to take in oxygen, burn it and produce energy, eliminate carbon dioxide. So think that every time we give carbon dioxide to the body, we give it the stimulus to mobilize. It sends oxygen directly to the tissues, mobilizes the combustion mechanisms, better bleeds the area and stimulates collagen synthesis.How long do the results of carboxy treatment last?The results last up to 2 years, but this is determined by eating habits and the frequency of physical exercise.What results can you expect after carboxy treatment?Improvement in skin elasticityFaster wound healingEnhance blood circulationRemoval of local fatStretch mark reduction
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    Only the perfectly formed eyebrows make the face look full!BrowFixer - Eyebrow Lamination is the solution for asymmetrical eyebrows, giving shape, cures, strengthens eyebrows and nourishes them with liquid keratin.
    250,00  | 30'
    What is Body Shape Endola? Body Shape Endola is a completely painless, non-invasive treatment that provides a solution to weight loss. The new ENDOLA machine combines the new generation HIFU technology used for body shaping. When are the results visible? The results are visible from the very first session and remain as long as a correct and healthy lifestyle is followed. How does Endola work? Ultrasound diathermy is used in conjunction with a local lymphatic massage to increase local blood circulation and improve the appearance of targeted problem areas. You will see immediate results and will continue to see them even months after treatment.
    20,00  from 35,00  | 70'
    Do you want botox results, lifting, thickening and reconstruction of the eyelashes?This unique Protein Botox lashes restores the natural structure of the hair, while at the same time moisturizes and fills the lobes. A safe process that gives olive oils an elegant bend, elongation and volume while nourishing and enriching them from the inside with useful microelements.The result is perfect right after the first application.
    180,00  from 300,00  | 45'
    The revolutionary new quadrupole cryolipolysis machine aims at the permanent treatment of local fat and destroys fat cells in 4 areas simultaneously. This is the most modern, effective and bloodless method of destroying fat cells since according to clinical studies, at least 23% of fat is burned in each application. The cryolipolysis process is done by applying the heads in 4 different targeting areas, with a specific temperature and for a specific period of time. As fat cells cannot survive at low temperatures, cryolipolysis, using controlled cold, causes the permanent destruction of fat cells which are then eliminated through the body's natural, metabolic processes. It is a completely safe and painless procedure, ideal for men and women with persistent local fat that does not react to any diet or exercise. The results are permanent and visible from the first application but become even more visible in the coming months as the release and removal of fat from the body continues. Unlike other methods, it does not cause skin injuries and immediately after its application we can return to our daily activities. Cryolipolysis is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
    65,00  or 1100 points | 35 - 40'
    LPG Endermologie treatment is the most worldwide widespread treatment to combat cellulite, skin relaxation and obesity. It helps in weight loss, as it activates the process of lipolysis, breaking down and releasing fatty acids. What is LPG Endermologie treatment? Endermologie is the only purely medical method approved by the FDA for the treatment of cellulite. It is a combination of mechanical massage and suction with the use of a head that has two adjustable rollers. LPG smoothes skin folds & increases metabolic exchange & drainage retention. Toxins and deformed fluid retention are eliminated as connective fibers are elasticized and restored. In addition, it stimulates fibroblasts by strengthening the structure of collagen and elastin fibers, toning and tightening the skin. The treatment is ideal for abdomen, buttocks, arms, back and wherever else fat is deposited. What are the results of LPG Endermologie treatment? Reduction of cellulite and local thickness Liposculpture: Redistribution of fat and shrinkage of fat cells Sculpting and tightening the body Lymphatic and vascular decongestion Rehabilitation of the body after pregnancy Target Audience: All those who have cellulite, local thickness or fluid retention. It is a completely natural method that will bring fast results to your body image.
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    A balancing and deeply detoxifying treatment that restricts toxins and stimulates metabolism. The treatment is based on the use of special ingredients such as mud that is heated and dissolved with thermal water. It is placed all over the body or only at the points of interest and when removed it is followed by massage with essential oils. Limits relaxation. Relieves fatigue and muscle spasms. Increases blood flow to the skin. Improves the tone of the skin. Promotes a sense of well-being. Reduces the stress of everyday life and mental distress. In our institute there is a wide range of treatments that are constantly expanding as new data is continually presented.  
    20,00  | 10'
    Laser Depilation is superior to all other methods as it is a fast, effective method that leaves no irritation. With all the other methods we have no permanent results but with the laser we instantly see our skin without a trace of hair.It usually takes 6 to 8 sessions and the results are forever. There are laser and dark photons and so we have results even in brunette skin. Laser hair removal remains the safest way.
    50,00  | 40'
    New effective method against cellulite.Cellulite Blocker Technology is the latest discovery of cosmetics, sponges that promise dissolution of cellulite and local fat.Studies carried out at the University of Moscow indicated that this treatment activates the breakdown of fat 10 times more than iodine.An alternative liposuction treatment that activates lipolysis and inhibits the application of fat in the application area.Accumulated fat and cellulite do not decrease with diet and exercise. The solution is local lipolysis.
    60,00  | 30'
    Dermabration method will renew the epidermis in depth. It is a completely physical method without the use of chemicals and side effects. Offers the opportunity with no irritation to remove dead cells scars and freckles. It is the most widespread favorable and quick method. Stimulates fibroblasts for collagen and elastin production and a special machine is used that launches crystals from a head. Crystals are cast in such an angle that the skin is not injured and almost all dead cells are removed. Complete skin regeneration in less time with faster results. Fairly in America it is called lunch break microdermabration treatment, since most of them do it during the work breaks.