Δώστε σημασία στα χέρια σας μια και η ηλικία φαίνεται πρώτα σε αυτά. Τα χέρια μας γερνάνε πιο γρήγορα από ότι το πρόσωπο μας, μιας και το δέρμα σε αυτή την περιοχή είναι πολύ πιο λεπτό από ότι το δέρμα του προσώπου μας. Μην παραιτηθείτε από την επιθυμία να έχετε νεανικά και όμορφα χέρια, χωρίς να δοκιμάσετε τις τελευταίες επαγγελματικές θεραπείες χεριών, όπως είναι το spa χεριών.

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Hand spa because hands are the first thing one watch!

They are those which constantly work and receive discomfort as they are exposed all the time. When you need care or a slight renew, hands spa is the solution. You will ensure healthy hands and nails and is an enjoyable way of renew. Take a look at the top effective treatments and enjoy a special hands spa that will relax you and leave your hands deeply moisturized and smooth.

Take care of your hands as the age is at first displayed in them. Your hands age faster than the face as in this region skin is thinner than the facial skin. Do not give up from the desire of having youth and beautiful hands without trying first the latest professional hands treatments. In the latest innovations of hands treatment is those that contain stem cells. They are usually taken from plants and seem to promote the production of new collagen.

What is it?

A treatment hands spa that will maintain youth and softness.

Target Audience:

To all ages.

Steps for the treatment:

  1. Remove all dead cells with herbs that detoxify.
  2. Application of creams with herbal blast cells that promote the regeneration of collagen.
  3. Mask application of rich moisturizing substances.

What you should know:

Hands spa is an experience. Your hands are getting tired and overwork daily, hands spa is the ideal care that will rest them and offer youth and health.

What will I feel?

Wellness and smooth.

How many visits are needed?

From the very first visit you will see the difference in your hands. The number of treatments depends on your overall care.


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