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1. Why were you bothered to make a generous gift.
2. Why a gift card is a surprise that gives intense feelings to the people you love.
3. Why is it the only way that allows you to choose between many choices.
4. Why will you spend a minimum of time.
5. Why we have chosen the best cosmetics and the finest treatments for you.

All DAY SPA Gift Cards have a duration of 6 months from the date of purchase. This means you should contact the vendor and close your Experience for a date during the Coupon. As it is likely that there is no immediate availability for all types of Experiences, we recommend contacting the vendor well before the Coupon expiration date to avoid disappointment.
It is very simple to buy a Gift Card.
If you do not already have a personal account at you can open a new one at My MF DAYSPA and follow these steps:

1. With the Gift Card option on this page, you create a form where you fill in the details of the person you want to give it as well as your personal welfare message.

2. Choose one of the ways you will offer the gift as well as its packaging.

3. Choose one of the payment methods you want and complete the process.
1. A form with detailed descriptions of the particular Gift Card and all the necessary information about available supply locations, photos and instructions for booking a Reservation.

2. A voucher with the serial number of the particular Gift Card that will be used to book and complete the delivery.

3. A welfare card that accompanies the gift package.
There are 3 ways to offer a Gift Card:

1. Offer it by hand if you receive by courier a package containing your voucher and all the printed information material for the enjoyment of the Gift Card.
2. Send a package directly to the person you choose to donate a Gift Card, which includes your voucher and all the printed information material for your enjoyment or the cosmetics you have chosen.
3. E-mail to the person you choose to donate a Gift Card, voucher and all the information material for your enjoyment.

In the first 2 cases, you can choose the simple or luxurious gift box.
If you are one of the lucky ones to receive a Gift Card after a joyous surprise, you will start a simple process to enjoy it.

1. The Package of Experiences received by the recipient includes instructions for redeeming the Coupon. The instructions also contain the details of the supplier of Experience, with whom the recipient should contact to close the day and time for his Experience.

2. Once you have booked you can enjoy your Gift Card.
In order to exchange your Gift, you must send by mail or bring your own Coupon to MF DAY SPA within 28 days of the day of purchase, if you have not already booked a Date for the Experience.

Caution! You must also send us your email address and your contact details along with your Coupon so that we can contact you if necessary.

Once we have received the coupon, we will email you a Code that corresponds to the value of the Experience and is valid for 6 months. All you have to do is choose the new Experience you want, call and close an appointment. In this way, you can choose a Higher Value Experience and just pay the difference. The Gift can be exchanged by the person who bought it or by the recipient of the Gift.

The address to which you must send your Coupons for change is:
Varvitsiotis 24
N. Cosmos
TA 11744
T. 210 9014211
Of course. Just when registering your order, you fill in the details of the recipient, the name and address of the person you want to send the gift, instead of your own details. Please note that in this case the "Payment" method of payment is not applicable.
Yes you can! MF DAY SPA allows you to extend the duration of your Coupon for a further 6 months after the expiration date.

To extend the duration of your Coupon, you must send by post or bring your own Coupon to MF DAY SPA, up to 10 days after the end of your Coupon, unless you have already redeemed it.

Caution! You must always send us your contact details (fixed and mobile phone) along with your Coupon so that we can contact you and arrange the payment and shipping details together.

For the extension of the Coupon you will be charged 10% of the value of the Experience to which your Coupon is entitled, with a minimum of € 10, plus shipping costs. If the value of this Experience has increased, then the difference should be covered.
The address to which you must send your Coupons for change is:
Varvitsiotis 24
N. Cosmos
T.K. 11744
T. 210 9014211
You can contact us via email at
Our goal is to always answer all of your questions within hours (in working hours) and in any case within one business day. If your question concerns a specific Experience Package, make sure you include your name and product code in your message to help us answer you more quickly and with greater accuracy.

You can also contact us by calling 210 9014211 or by calling 697324571 Monday through Friday from 10:00 to 18:00.
The Gift Card recipient can browse the pages of MF DAY SPA and choose the Experience he / she desires. This experience can be of equal value or less value to the value of the Gift Card.

If the recipient wishes to choose a Value Value Experience from the value of the Gift Card, he / she can very simply pay for the difference. Once the recipient chooses the Experience he / she wants, he simply adds it to the Basket and follows the purchase process.

When you reach the "Payment Information" section, you add your Gift Card ID, and this amount will be automatically deducted from the value of the Experience.
Of course. But this product should have no oiliness. The most important thing to remember about moisturizing products is that they offer water and not greasy. Even oily skin needs water. In fact, a skin with acne is usually dehydrated because of the intense cleanser it uses. resulting in more sebum production and ultimately the appearance of more acne lesions.
"Under" means less, so there may be some irritation, even if it is small. In general, the term "hypoallergenic" is an alternative term in the cosmetics industry, meaning "no perfume" and fewer chemicals. It is the best solution for sensitive skin and new generations of cosmetics are further improved by adding agents that protect the cell membrane so that allergenic agents do not irritate them.
These are called hyperpigmentation and appear as a result of an inflammatory reaction to the skin. As an acne lesion heals, it produces excess pigment (melanin) in the area of ​​the injured tissue. These areas will be discolored much faster and easier by using anti-inflammatory ingredients such as zinc, licorice and green tea, which are included in many acne products. Products with a high vitamin C content are also indicated for the discoloration of these areas. To prevent hyperpigmentation, use sunscreen SPF15 in the exposed areas and repeat the application during the day. If the effect is to come faster then there are treatments such as dermabration that will help.
There are many things you can do to improve the jet lag symptoms for your skin as well as for your body. Avoid using a make-up base during the flight. Before your flight, apply a moisturizing product rich in antioxidants and a SPF marker on your face. Eat as much water as possible. Avoid consumption of aerated, spirits and caffeine. If you can sleep during the flight, do it. Otherwise relax and do not get nervous. Proper moisturizing products will help you a lot.
Unfortunately, pore size is genetically predetermined. However, using the right treatment with exfoliating and hydrating products daily, with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients, your pores will surely look smaller. There are also laser treatments that can help.
Of course! Proper nutrition is an important weapon to ensure the health of your skin. It is important to drink plenty of water and consume a lot of fresh fruits, vegetables and foods rich in nutrients to keep your skin healthy. Dietary supplements can also benefit your skin.
What is the SPF index and how do I know how many hours of protection it offers?
The SPF determines the time a person may be exposed to UVB irradiation without burning. If you can expose yourself to the sun for 8 minutes without blushing, then after using SPF 15 sunscreen, you can be exposed to the sun for 120 minutes (8 x 15 = 120) without getting burned.
TIR: Apply your sunscreen 30 minutes before sun exposure.
There are two main reasons for the use of specialized eye products. First, the specialized products are specially formulated so that they do not irritate the eyes or the thin skin of the area. Secondly, this thin area has few, if any, no sebaceous glands, meaning more intensive hydration and nourishment than any other area of the face.
Facial products that can be used during pregnancy are specific. Our aesthetists will be happy to advise you on what's right for you.
As we grow the elastin fibers of the skin, which are responsible for its elasticity and firmness, it takes a form more relaxed. The skin loses its elasticity. They are still the same as the ones you have, but they do not have the same elasticity, they do not come back immediately, they are much more fragile. That's why we use appropriate products and treatments to give life and elasticity to our skin.
Estrogens keep the skin smoother, supple and smooth, as they promote collagen production and reduce the potential for acne outbreaks. The collagen and elastin fibers, which are the structural molecules of the skin, are responsible for its elasticity, thickness and durability. Reducing collagen fibers causes skin to be more brittle, thinner, looser, showing wrinkles.

1. It's an unforgettable experience. It's a gift that gives you the opportunity to spend hours of rest, joy and luxury.
2. It is a gift that introduces original, unique and unforgettable life experiences.
3. It is a gift that gives you the opportunity to give hours or days of pleasure, relaxation, luxury, romance, ecstasy, joy and realization of hidden dreams ....
4. It is also a market for branded cosmetics.

But the best thing is that you can ask the aesthetics of the company and suggest what suits you best. Even offer you gift baskets for your loved ones. Think of having a spa as well as the cosmetics that follow it so you can remember the experience for a long time.