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2020 Skincare Trends You Should Know About

The new year has just arrived and beauty bloggers have already prepared the list of the most must skincare trends for 2020!
Let's see what those will be

1. Protons came into our lives

But what are protons and how do they come together in our skin care?
They are always positively charged particles that stimulate receptors that produce young cells, but also collagen and elastin.
Protons work like a taxi, that is, they carry the passengers we want (the necessary ingredients) and leave them all at exactly where the skin cells need them.
Everything is done at the same time and perfectly coordinated. The result is spectacular as the skin responds instantly.

The skin is restructured from the inside out.

New proton therapies base their efficacy on increasing cellular communication.
When a skin is permanently dehydrated that it cures and does then we must first restore the skin barrier and then introduce the right ingredients.
New treatments restore the cell to its original youthful state and seal the holes in the cell membrane that made it work as a puncture.
The results are spectacular .... The facial volume improves and our youthful skin appears.

2. Water-based products

The second skincare trend will be water-based products, since it has been observed that people are more aware of the difference between dryness and dehydration.
It is extremely important to understand what affects your skin, as this will determine which products you should use.
This is especially true for those with oily, combination and acne prone skin Dryness is a genetic type of skin characterized by a lack of gum production. So, if your skin is clogged and breakouts occur frequently, chances are that the tight, uncomfortable feeling is actually caused by dehydration (lack of water).
Usually, most people prefer to use products that are best suited for dry skin types, but these can clog your pores and should be avoided. Instead, focus on water-based products to replenish and moisturize your skin cells while rebuilding the moisture barrier.

3. Two-Phase Double Cleansing

For those who wear a generous layer of makeup every day, it is so important to ensure that everything is removed properly.In recent years, the dual-purge movement has grown and this will only continue in 2020.
Traditional double cleansing involves starting with a cleansing lotion that helps remove dirt, fog and makeup from the skin. A second cleanser is then used to dissolve both the natural skin oils and residues left behind by the cleansing lotion.
The trend for 2020 will be a whole new class of cleaners, known as "melting cleansers". The idea is that you get all the benefits of a double cleanser with a single product. It starts as a gel / cream, and then its texture changes as you massage the skin. Once you add water, the texture changes again to complete the cleaning.

4. Products with 360-Degree Light Protection

We are constantly seeing more research focused on the harmful effects that all forms of light have on the skin. We have known for a long time that sunlight is harmful to the skin, but now there is greater awareness of how blue light (emitted by screens on mobile devices, computers, etc.) and infrared light that Heat-based is also harmful.
What we will see in 2020 are products made with 24-hour light protection that help protect the skin from damage from all forms of light. This includes not only UVA and UVB but maybe even UV light.

5. Products that affect the skin microbicides

By the end of 2019, we have begun to see many probiotic-containing products and we have learned how they affect the skin germs. In 2020, we will see even more, along with probiotics and postbiotics.
On the surface of the skin there is what is called a germicide. The germ is made up of bacteria, fungi and viruses. These micro-organisms make certain chemicals that keep the skin healthy, in part by keeping the skin barrier intact. When it comes to skin care and the germicide, the focus is mainly on maintaining a healthy bacterial balance. There are thirty-six types of bacteria that are part of what we call a group P. One of them causes acne but the other thirty-five are really good for the skin.

There is a great deal of research about the microbial and now we understand that there are three ways to work with the germ in skin care:

1. The first is prebiotics. These are what germs eat to thrive. Ingredients such as algae as well as some coagulants of the nature of polysaccharide are used for prebiotics. Think of probiotics as good bacteria foods!

2. The second is probiotics. This is where the real bacteria are put into products. This can be difficult to formulate, as many maintenance systems make it difficult for bacteria to survive.

3. The third is postbiotics. That's what you get when germs get lost. When the probiotic bacteria die, a chemical reaction occurs. The by-products of this reaction can then be used in skin care products to benefit from the skin microbicide.
The microbial study is not slowing down and this research will be integrated into more skin care products in 2020.

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