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Innovative treatment for facial dyscrosis, but also for neckline, hands, even the sensitive area. In just three visits you will get maximum results without irritation and skin lesions.
To better treat and treat fawns and spots, the solution is the new combination therapy with pulsed light and fruit acids.
This unique treatment combines pulsed light, which is the only treatment with real effects in eliminating fads and spots compared to the corresponding laser treatments, whereas the new type of acids used in this treatment are not irritating and contain clusters that again program cells to not produce melanin.
What exactly are freckles? Those of us who have seen froth on their skin have felt this feeling that they are immediately wanting to get rid of them. Fans are common injuries. They are usually associated with exposure to the sun but also with hormonal disturbances (due to the use of drugs or contraceptives or by independent hormonal changes).
Soak, protect your skin and above all aging. The key to anti-aging is prevention. Protect yourself from the damage caused by sunlight such as wrinkles, blemishes, discolorations and age signs by selecting the whitening products that fit your skin.
Fanatics have become more and more of us every year. Solar radiation, hormones, drugs, are some of the factors that contribute to the creation of discolouration. The new prescriptions for facial treatment have a name, M.E.L.A.
Our established day of beauty was a great success. Thank you all for being here. Once again, you showed us your love and trust. Our lucky clients have received a free application of the pioneering PH and NIMUE treatments that have the new cosmetics technology.
To improve our appearance. To improve our mood. To improve our lives. Brightness, brightness, homogeneous color. This is the new definition of beauty. No one is going to say the compliment "what a nice skin without wrinkles." On the contrary, the more often we hear is "you are shining today".
How do we get rid of dandruff and dyschromia? Feed your skin properly and reward you! Do you know that every year the fads become more and more powerful and if we leave them without treatment we will never be able to get rid of them? With new sophisticated products we have the potential to enhance skin defense.