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Have you ever looked in the mirror and felt unhappy with the size of your face or bothering you in your appearance?
Having a large round face, it adds pounds, and years!

Weight loss can have a negative effect on our face. It loses its elasticity and adds us years. The elasticity of the skin on the contour of the face depends on how well the muscles of your face are highlighted. These muscles need exercise just like your resting body.


The unique facial massage technique that changes facial appearance and gives youthfulness comes from Japan is called V-Line Facial Massage Korugi and promises unique results with durability.

V-Line Facial Massage Korugi
is a Japanese massage technique that changes the form of the face. Raises the cheekbones and makes it look tight and hydrated.

This is a high pressure massage that is done in the facial muscles, not the skin. The results are evident from the first time, but the maximum performance will be 5 times.

What is the new V-Line Facial Massage Korugi?
It's massaged with punches. No it does not hurt, but it has tension. It targets the facial muscles that gather tension and anxiety. It is perfect for promoting blood and oxygen in the tissues. Thinning the face, restoring the oval and uplifting the cheekbones.

It is no coincidence that fanatical supporters are the Japanese people who adore fine faces. The technique results in the muscles restoring their correct position and gaining volume.
All the work is done on the muscles and not on the skin. The pressures and movements are done with the phalanges of the fingers and with the punch so that the muscles that are moaning and relaxing to return to their original form.

In addition to strengthening the skin, restoring the muscles to their original position and increasing the volume of cheekbones, the V-Line Facial Massage Korugi technique makes the skin look healthy and shiny like never before.

V-Line Facial Massage Korugi is a quick and effective method that mimics the results of a surgical facelift. While at the same time:
  • Improves moisture
  • Improves food and circulation
  • Relaxes the stressed muscles, tightens the face and raises the oval
It also helps people who have injected treatments (hyaluronic) to restore the muscles they have contracted.

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