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During pregnancy, many women have symptoms of fluid retention and stretch marks. Both of these symptoms are due to changes in our body during pregnancy, and are related to weight change in the short term.
The global cosmetics industry is returning to the nature and beneficial properties of raw materials. The Inca treasure for health and longevity! They knew their properties from the past, but the time has come for the global beauty industry to discover them. The perfect combination that will prevent the skin from aging in the sun and protect you from panicles!
What to do during pregnancy to feel beautiful and happy, to have a healthy face that will help the fetus to grow properly? What treatments can we take during pregnancy?
During pregnancy there are many changes to our appearance. To make sure that the little one growing up inside us is safe and healthy, mom needs to be healthy and healthy, both physically and emotionally. That is why every pregnant woman should feel as comfortable and comfortable as ever.
Below we have put together what facial treatments are safe when you are pregnant:
Pregnancy is considered the best time in a woman's life, but is it? The truth is that we have a lot of stress during pregnancy.
We want to know that the things we do will not harm our baby and that we will give our body the best ingredients to keep the fetus healthy and safe. I get many questions about what a pregnant woman needs to do to maintain her good health and her beauty, and I decided to share all the beauty secrets about pregnancy!
Floating hormones known as androgens can aggravate your skin by increasing the production of sebum that causes acne. These breakouts can be very serious, while for others, they can be quite mild. Let's see how hormones can affect your skin, but also how you can manage everything that happens to your skin.
Now more than ever, people are trying to start from an early age therapies to prevent wrinkles. With proper skin care and a good lifestyle, you will have a beautiful, shiny skin that shows fewer lines, wrinkles and brown spots in the next few years.

It is a fact that preventing visible aging of the skin is much easier and less expensive than getting rid of the scars once they appear.
We will share with you ten easy tips that you can easily apply at any age to prevent wrinkles.

Skin care science needs to be on the edge of social change and evolution in order to succeed! Healthy mind, healthy body!  It is the time to understand how your mental state affects skin health!
This is a new area for cosmetics, the Neurocosmetics!