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"We stay home" is the motto of these days ... but we don't forget to take care of ourselves!
We will get out of our daily routine and schedule, but let's look at the positives, we have time to do what we didn't before. We can finally change our daily lives and take care of ourselves and our closest people.
Beauty begins and ends with daily habits, with this first of my friends' meals.

To get a youthful and vibrant skin, are you able to use unique and expensive cosmetics? Of course not!

At the last medical conference I visited in Africa, I learned a great truth and today I will share it with you.
Niacinamide, also known as nicotinamide, is a form of niacin (vitamin B3). Our bodies do not produce niacin on their own, but we do have a round diet. In our body, niacin helps convert food into energy. It also plays a role in cell signaling and DNA repair.
In winter the skin is under great pressure from the temperature difference. Very hot inside and quite cold outside.
Proper cleanser and a sunscreen that does not block the skin's breathing are the first life-saving moisturizing action.
Now consider not wearing the right cleanser and using a soap.
The new year has just arrived and beauty bloggers have already prepared the list of the most must skincare trends for 2020!
Let's see what those will be...
"We're always looking for a cure that will make us lose weight and that can get us to the most unlikely places."

Unique RECOGNITION in the world of beauty from South Africa, based on the magical properties of the Kalahari cactus to reduce hunger and lose weight.

Research has shown that this plant withstands the adverse conditions of the desert has a direct relationship with the world of health and beauty. Investigations have been based on the fact that for hundreds of years in Africa they have been consuming this cactus to reduce their hunger. They found that the people who ate the Kalahari cactus were not hungry or thirsty for an entire day.
During pregnancy, many women have symptoms of fluid retention and stretch marks. Both of these symptoms are due to changes in our body during pregnancy, and are related to weight change in the short term.
The global cosmetics industry is returning to the nature and beneficial properties of raw materials. The Inca treasure for health and longevity! They knew their properties from the past, but the time has come for the global beauty industry to discover them. The perfect combination that will prevent the skin from aging in the sun and protect you from panicles!